An event in Chicago, IL - USA and an African Diaspora appreciation
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May 2022 brings Africa month and more
Happy Labour Day! + RSVP Link to Discovery Tour: Data Edition Launch
Based in Kenya, Nigeria or South Africa? We need your perspective by end of Thu 21/4
Today we start a new chapter here. Not April 1 jokes, just great African podcasts.
Africa Podcast Day 2022 Speakers Podcast Reviews. In celebration of Africa Podcast Day, we share six podcast reviews of podcasts created by some of our…
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Select reviews of podcasts from the African Podcast Database by Africa Podfest
Sema Nasi Podcast Live: Podcasts Are Taking Africa By Storm Watch now (29 min) | Africa Podfest podcast Sema Nasi first live recording explores the research, trends and direction which African podcasting is…
A Short Doc on Africa Podcast Day 2022Watch now (5 min) | Shot on location in Nairobi and virtually, here is a closeup look at one of the world's best podcast festivals, Africa Podcast Day