Jul 23, 2021 • 5M

Episode 3 of Sema Nasi: Reliable Takes on African Podcasting

Josephine speaks to Maurice Otieno, Executive Director of Baraza Media Lab on why he is excited about original research on African podcasting.

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Updates, insights and connections with podcast makers, supporters and enthusiasts in Africa's podcasting scene.
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Hi friends! Welcome to episode 3! One of the pillars of our work is original research on African podcasting that helps shorten the distance between your ideas and making them a reality. We are currently working on a research project with Baraza Media Lab and asked the Executive Director, Maurice Otieno, to share his thoughts on why he is excited about podcast research and why it is important to do this kind of work now.

Happy listening, and remember to leave your comments and questions below! Who would you like us to feature next on Sema Nasi?