May 1, 2021 • 12M

Episode 1 of Sema Nasi: The Podcast that Seeds Ideas About the Future of African Podcasting

Our Co-Director Josephine talks about her experience making her first ever podcast episode. Hint: Podcasting is a lot like making chapatis.

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Updates, insights and connections with podcast makers, supporters and enthusiasts in Africa's podcasting scene.
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Welcome to the first episode of this series of takes on podcasting in Africa. You’ll here perspectives, insights and opinions from the team at Africa Podfest and amazing voices in the African podcasting community! Every podcaster knows that the hardest part of the journey is getting that first episode out into the world. Josephine, Co-Director of Africa Podfest and host of podcast This I Can Do shares her first episode story, adapted from an earlier blog post she had written in 2020. She compares the experience of making a podcast to her journey of learning how to make chapati, the delicious flat bread that became beloved in East Africa, having been introduced here from India. Her podcasting experience inspired her to build the podcaster community space that became Africa Podfest. You can also read the original blog post here.

Sema Nasi is a new experimental podcast from Africa Podfest. In it we will be sharing ideas from pioneers in African podcasting about where we are now as a young industry and where we are headed. We are publishing here on Substack and experimenting with the tool. We want you to be able to listen from whatever device as easily as possible and to be able to be part of the conversation via the comments and social media!

Follow the discussion here on Substack and leave your comments in the thread! Also let us know if you would like to submit your thoughts for an episode…email us at